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Everyday Struggle: How Toxic Workspaces Impact Black Women


This anthology shares the toxic work stories of thirteen Black women trying to survive the 9 to 5 rat race in America. 


Shut'em Down: Black Women, Racism and Corporate America


Shut’em Down is the battle cry of Black women who have suffered abuse and trauma at the hands of corporate America. Composed of the stories of 20 Black women who have been impacted by racism in the workplace, this anthology not only offers us conversation starters on how to combat racism on the job, but also transformative ideas to create safer work spaces for Black professionals.

Co-Author / Contributor

Survivors: Celebrating Life Beyond Domestic Violence

A testimony to the hardiness of the human spirit,  “SURVIVORS” shines a beacon of light into the darkness of domestic violence. With telling stories and honesty as brutal as the fists that beat them, these women-from single mothers protecting their children to Olympic Gold Medalist and WNBA superstar-facedown their abusers and embrace the joy and fear of leaving them.

Biographer / Researcher


The Memoir of a Master Architect


Fit At Any Age
by Lee Haney


How To Be An Effective Leader
by Terrence D. Griffith

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